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Japan Government Pension Investment Fund
GPIF Domestic Stock Holdings | TOP 50

About Japan Government Pension Investment Fund(GPIF) Data

GPIF is the biggest public pension fund in the world.
Release Cycle Quarterly Statistics
Reporting Institution Government Pension
Investment Fund(GPIF)

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Mar. 31, 2015 - Mar. 31, 2019
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 50) Amount of Asset
Unit: Millions of Yen
As of March. 31, 2019
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 30) Amount of Asset
17203Toyota Motor Corp.1,318,365
29984Softbank Group Corp.666,679
38306Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc.618,487
44502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.585,564
59432Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.573,098
68316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.549,164
76861Keyence Corp.546,825
87267Honda Motor Co., Ltd.472,443
96758Sony Corp.466,490
108058Mitsubishi Corp.421,028
118411Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.408,151
129433Kddi Corp.371,320
136098Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.363,195
148766Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.357,136
159022Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd.357,082
164452Kao Corp.344,668
179020East Japan Railway Co.340,593
186501Hitachi, Ltd.297,981
194063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.289,354
209437Ntt Docomo, Inc.287,017
213382Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.285,938
227974Nintendo Co., Ltd.280,326
237751Canon Inc.277,296
242914Japan Tobacco Inc.276,370
256594Nidec Corp.275,652
266367Daikin Industries, Ltd.274,178
276981Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.265,701
288001Itochu Corp.263,254
298031Mitsui & Co., Ltd.262,375
304503Astellas Pharma Inc.257,294
As of March. 31, 2018
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 30) Amount of Asset
17203Toyota Motor Corp.1,378,028
28306Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc.780,163
38316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.597,612
49432Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.591,935
57267Honda Motor Co., Ltd.589,202
69984Softbank Group Corp.526,886
76861Keyence Corp.516,646
86758Sony Corp.510,276
98411Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.445,066
109433Kddi Corp.420,501
117974Nintendo Co., Ltd.377,157
126954Fanuc Corp.373,514
139437Ntt Docomo, Inc.348,005
147751Canon Inc.334,749
156501Hitachi, Ltd.332,971
168058Mitsubishi Corp.325,806
179020East Japan Railway Co.324,745
184063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.324,408
193382Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.314,410
202914Japan Tobacco Inc.310,294
218766Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.304,885
224502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.303,197
234452Kao Corp.300,417
248031Mitsui & Co., Ltd.294,369
256594Nidec Corp.291,606
269022Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd.280,365
276752Panasonic Corp.277,643
286503Mitsubishi Electric Corp.276,508
294503Astellas Pharma Inc.276,025
306098Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.274,186
As of March. 31, 2017
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 30) Amount of Asset
17203Toyota Motor Corp.1,202,212
28306Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.822,246
39432Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.598,302
47267Honda Motor Co., Ltd.533,357
58316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.532,262
69984Softbank Group Corp.516,136
78411Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.498,274
89433KDDI Corp.442,559
96758Sony Corp.353,400
106954FANUC Corp.343,839
112914Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT)339,007
126861Keyence Corp.328,903
139437NTT Docomo, Inc.313,696
144502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.310,787
154063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.298,857
167751Canon Inc.296,570
178058Mitsubishi Corp.296,069
189020East Japan Railway Co.294,697
198766Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.289,916
203382Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.282,550
216503Mitsubishi Electric Corp.257,918
226981Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.256,202
235108Bridgestone Corp.249,690
248031Mitsui & Co., Ltd.248,919
256501Hitachi, Ltd.247,581
269022Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd.243,057
274503Astellas Pharma Inc.241,100
287201Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.239,030
294452Kao Corp.238,601
306752Panasonic Corp.223,974
As of March. 31, 2016
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 30) Amount of Asset
17203Toyota Motor Corp.1,140,361
28306Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group616,366
39432Nippon Telegraph & Telephone587,109
47267Honda Motor Co., Ltd.472,822
59433KDDI Corp.461,318
62914Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT)450,397
78316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group434,331
89984Softbank Group Corp.424,381
98411Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.397,220
109437NTT Docomo, Inc.317,900
114502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.316,515
123382Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.299,479
137751Canon Inc.286,173
146758Sony Corp.272,830
157201Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.271,541
169020East Japan Railway Co.269,739
176954Fanuc Corp.257,780
184503Astellas Pharma Inc.257,130
199022Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd.256,502
204452Kao Corp.241,959
218766Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.239,828
226861Keyence Corp.229,352
235108Bridgestone Corp.229,291
246981Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.225,974
258058Mitsubishi Corp.221,753
266501Hitachi, Ltd.215,347
278591Orix Corp.208,301
288802Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.203,073
298801Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.199,801
307270Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.192,505
As of March. 31, 2015
Ticker Code GPIF Holding-Stock Name (Top 30) Amount of Asset
17203Toyota Motor Corp.1,549,950
28306Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group822,897
38316Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group517,263
47267Honda Motor Co., Ltd.507,866
59984Softbank Corp.480,507
69432Nippon Telegraph & Telephone421,001
78411Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.415,562
89433KDDI Corp.391,090
96954FANUC Corp.367,868
107751Canon Inc.343,071
114502Takeda Pharmaceutical325,744
122914Japan Tobacco Inc.320,900
134503Astellas Pharma Inc.320,820
146501Hitachi, Ltd.295,422
153382Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.293,332
168058Mitsubishi Corp.277,997
176758Sony Corp.274,837
187201Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.273,136
198766Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.265,298
209022Central Japan Railway262,325
218802Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.259,403
229020East Japan Railway Co.255,018
236752Panasonic Corp.250,013
249437NTT DoCoMo, Inc.246,447
256981Murata Mfg. Co., Ltd.243,531
268801Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.237,062
275108Bridgestone Corp.227,783
284452Kao Corp.226,750
296861Keyence Corp.219,268
308591ORIX Corp.211,919
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